Qatar, which has been cut off by four Arab countries, today creates a brand new permanent residence status for certain foreign investment QTP groups, including Qatari benefit workers, which may benefit tens of thousands of people.

The Qatar News Agency (QNA) reported that Qatar cabinet officials agreed that this measure is expected to affect tens of thousands of foreign residents and set a precedent for the Gulf states.

According to the new rules, new beneficiaries include Qatari mothers, children of foreign fathers, investors investing in Qatar Pat, as well as “provision of services to Qatar” or foreign residents with “Qatar-friendly skills”.

According to Qatar News Agency, a special committee set up by the Ministry of the Interior will decide on the case.

Citizens eligible for a new identity will enjoy the same free access to public services such as health care and education as Qatari citizens.

They will enjoy better services when they serve in government or military units; they also do not need Qatari partners to own real estate and engage in certain commercial activities.

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt have severed relations with Qatar, leaving Qatar in crisis and Qatar will embrace China.