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Qatarpay cryptocurrency is a transaction medium that uses cryptographic principles to secure transactions and control the creation of trading units. The cryptocurrency is a kind of digital currency (or virtual currency). It is a joint venture between Qatar Investment Bureau and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and is operated by Qatarpay Operations Center. The cryptocurrency is based on a decentralized consensus mechanism and, as opposed to a banking financial system that relies on a centralized monitoring system, it will become the world’s first state-owned cryptocurrency platform.Headquarters: Ad Dawhah.

For QTP's online listing on the New York Stock Exchange, illegal fundraising is unrealistic. Please use it as a warning.QTP is only listed on NASDAQ, not listed on the New York Stock Exchange!

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Including but not limited to: Kata Peninsular TV, China Central Television, Times, etc.

Our Achievement Always Inspires to help Other's Business.

Growth of Crypto Currency

The growth of cryptocurrency: From 2010 to 2017, this 7-year journey has made many people's wealth.

What are our strengths ?

How to protect your funds? We can guarantee the safety of your funds. All funds will be deposited in the state capital vault and the proceeds will be paid by the state.


Create A Wallet

Create your own QTP Wallet. QTP Wallet is where you store your QTP and you can also prove that you have a Qatarpay dividend.


Invest in Qatarpay

Investing in QTP (PS: Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering a business) Please take good care of your private key and password.


Gain Profit

Get your cryptocurrency gains and Qatarpay dividend income.

Core Team

The core team members all have double identities and they are members and consultants.

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